These Nail Art Designs Are Everything For Your Nail Fashion This Summer!

It might look that we are overdoing this entire summer thing, but the weather definitely has us rushing for easier options. Amidst all of the skin care and makeup routines that we have told you, nails have definitely been neglected. We all want our hands to look sleek and stylish, even in this heat, whenever we go out. So, we scoured some Instagram accounts for you, and here are some of the best, international nail trends that you should follow this summer:

Free Lines by MPNAILS:

These Nail Art Designs Are Everything For Your Nail Fashion This Summer!

Yes, your nails love some carefree design as well. Freewheel on them, shine them clean and doodle on them, because this summer it is all about art. With the shiner as a base, the creamy white swiggles are definitely something to play with.

Blossom The Cherry By ALICIATNAILS: 

Isn’t cherry the best summer treat? Now, is the time to adorn your nails with it as well. Give your eyes something to feast and cool themselves with as well. Draw a fine cherry atop a colour that exudes excitement for the activities that wait ahead.

Talk To My Hand By NAILJOB:

Ever heard someone saying, talk to my hand? Well, your nails can let people know you are all business, without you having to spoil the fun. Jokes apart, this witty lips trend is not only the right amount of sassy but it is sensual as well. We love it, and you should too!


Red top and bottom, this nail style is an ultimate killer. The dramatic red and shiny in-between, you can paint your nails this way whenever you want and with whichever look you feel like.

Sparkling Shine By NAOMINAILSYNC:

Oh, it’s the time to shine and if they are nights, you are at the right place. Have some sparkly, glittery fireworks going onto your nails by smattering a holographic glitter at the edges in a fine way.


We all have one nasty woman living inside of us, which we have to leash from time and again. So, for all those time when you feel bitchy and don’t have the space to vent it out on, let your nails speak!


We all remember how watermelon makeup was all the rage past year. It seems that the nails still have that crazy hype. Cool yourself by the fruit of the season and take it to your nails to enjoy further.

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