How To Apply Fake Eye Lashes Like A Pro?!

How To Apply Fake Eye Lashes Like A Pro?!

We all have, at some point in our lives, loved to use fake eyelashes to give the hairy tint to our eyes we want. But, we all have struggled miserably with the idea of taking a good-quality eyelashes, put a glue on it and have taken hours to adjust that one lash hair that is sticking out at odd angles.

Falsies are absolutely hard to master, but you don’t have to worry when Singhaar Box has all the answers for you. In this step by step easy tutorial, we will tell you how to master applying fake lashes like a pro, so you don’t have to worry the next time you are running late for a shadi:

Step 1:

Before you even start toying with the idea of taking the lash anyone near your eye, measure the length of it. Completely measure the length of your eyelash to see if it fits your eye shape or not. If the strip needs to be cut, cut it and snip the outer edges completely with small nail scissors. This will protect your eye lash from drooping at the corners, so it won’t keep bugging your eyeballs.

Step 2:

Now take both the edges of the particular lash that you are applying and create a ‘C’ shape while bending it inward. Hold it there for a couple of seconds to mold the shape. Once you have given the perfect curved eye shape to your lash, ensure that the rest of applying process will become a lot easier than you initially expected it to be.

Step 3:

Apply a high-quality glue neatly to your lashes. Most of the experts suggest to ignore the lash glue that accompanies the product, and invest on a branded lash adhesive. Singhaar Box advises you to do the same. If you have shaky hands or are doing it for the first time, take the glue and put it on the handle of a tweezer, and glide it across the strip to ensure that it gets to the target. However, if you have a steady or experienced grip, just put the glue straight on the lash.

Apply a good amount of glue on both the extreme corners, so your lash attaches itself completely to the eye. Wait for around fifteen seconds so the glue settles down and doesn’t become sticky. You can also blow on it or wave it in the air without harming the lash bristles.

Step 4:

Not touching your eyelid at all, aim at the top of your real lashes on the base of your natural lash line. Now gently place them along your entire lash line. Don’t worry if the glue gets on your skin, because it dries clear. All you have to worry about is maintaining the shape, and that would be easy if you followed the steps above.

WARNING: Do not remove the lashes and re-apply if you see a gap between your real and false lashes. Simply use a matte black eye shadow as a liner to hide it.

Step 5:

Now that you have applied both the lashes, you can apply the mascara of your choice. Though it isn’t necessary, but highly recommended so that the natural lashes integrate and fall in pace easily with the fake ones.


Don’t worry, it isn’t hard to remove them. Always remember to remove your lashes before you put off your eye makeup. Soften the glue on your eye by dipping a cotton swab in the makeup remover and gently rubbing it on the concerned area. Dab it around the lash line and with your eye open, take the tip of the outer corner. Close your eyes and slowly peel the strip away from your real lash, working from the outer to inner corner.

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